What Are 1x1 Tracking Pixels?

1x1 Tracking Pixels are actually GIF images that measure 1 pixel in width by 1 pixel in height.

What are they used for?
1x1 tracking pixels are used to record impressions. 3rd Party ad servers need to report to their clients both impression numbers and click numbers for all ad creative that the 3rd Party serves. Since 3rd Parties are set up to serve an image (GIF or JPG files), which is the impression, and then track the click-throughs on those images, they need to provide both an image and a click-through. Since HTML based ad products (such as START HERE textlinks), do not incorporate images, the 1x1 Tracking Pixel is used. The "pixel" is inserted into the HTML code, and every time the HTML code is served, the 1x1 pixel is also served, thereby allowing the 3rd party to record the impression.

1x1 tracking pixels are also used when clients are unable to serve banners, but still need to record impression numbers. The "pixel" is served with the banner, and every time the banner is served, the 1x1 pixel is also served, thereby allowing the client to record the impression.

What standard ad products may incorporate the 1x1 Tracking Pixel?
The 1x1 Tracking Pixel may be used with the START HERE Textlinks, which do not incorporate images, 468x60 banners, 120x90 ad units, and 120x240 ad units.


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